The World of the Arthropods

Welcome to The World of the Arthropods!


From lucky-charm ladybugs to unfairly unloved spiders, from butterflies with shimmering colours to so loved bees or to the millipede that don’t have thousand feet, these little critters called arthropods are everywhere, both in cities and in the countryside, both in interior and in exterior, both in urban legends and in true facts… No one is insensitive to them, but so few people know them, know their world, know their way of living, their wonderful diversity…


That’s why I invite you to discover the rich and fascinating arthropod’s world, to travel in the heart of this unknow universe, and to change your mind about these so usefull creatures!


In The World of the Arthropods, I offer you:

  • identification sheets mainly about French/European species
  • web pages dealing with biology, behavior, taxonomy, arthropods’ history…
  • one blog where I post photos of arthropods I met


You can find spiders in Chelicerata => Arachnida!

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If you want to use some of my work, please quote me explicitly: “Le Monde des Arthropodes (The World of the Arthropods)”


Warning: I’m not a pro, I may make mistakes. If you find (or believe to have found) an error please tell me via the contact page or via the Facebook page!
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