A new jumping spider: Pseudicius encarpatus

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Salticidae have always generated conflicting feelings in me. On the one hand, they are fascinating spiders, especially thanks to their ultra-developed vision (for arthropods), which makes males (those who perform courtship) quite aesthetic. And they are usually pretty ′′curious′′ spiders and not finite cowards like the majority. But on the other hand, they require to dive into it because in my mind it’s a pretty complex family to understand.

Anyway, it’s always a real pleasure to meet a new species of these colorful spiders, like this Pseudicius encarpatus, a beautiful male. He was quietly laid on the mast of a lamp. This is not a spider that seems common (or rather, commonly observed). We can recognize males thanks to their longitudinal black dorsal band on their back, surrounded by two white stripes, black flanks and this white mustache that belts the cephalothorax.


Last update: 21/09/2020

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