Little emerald! Palomena prasina

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A little emerald punctuated with pomegranate eyes, serenely waiting for temperatures to rise on its green nave. In the morning, it’s cooler, so you have more calm insects, and therefore they are easier to photograph.

Where the neophyte sees only a simple green shield bug, or should we say, THE green shield bug, the connoisseur knows that several species share this look and this absinthe color. In France, the two most common species are Palomena prasina and Nezara viridula. The first one has dark wing membranes while the second one has them clear and also has three white dots at the scutelum / pronotum junction. But there are many more species: Palomena viridissima, Piezodorus lituratus, Acrosternum heegeri

So here we have Palomena prasina. It belongs to the Pentatomidae family with antennas segmented in 5 (penta, in Greek) articles. And like her cousins from her family, she can emit, if she feels threatened by you or a potential predator, a nauseating chemical substance, produced by specialized glands located in her metathorax. And so she’s not very good too eat.

Last update: 11/09/2020

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